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Society for Social Choice and Welfare

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The registration is made via the application Yapla, a collaborative platform which helps assocations run their activities.

The Society offers two year membership only. On this registration page you can also subscribe to the printed or the online version of the journal Social Choice and Welfare. The registration form is displayed below.

The normal rate for two years is 30€. It is 66€ with the online access to the journal, and 186€ with the print copy of the journal.

A reduced rate is proposed for students, post-doc fellows, retirees, and researchers working in countries where GDP per capita is less than 20,000 USD.

The reduced rate for two years is 15€. It is 51€ with the online access to the journal, and 171€ with the print copy of the journal.

The payment system accepts Visa and Master Card ; Unfortunately, Yapla accepts payment card only for certains countries: Germany, Lithuania, Andorra, Lettonia, Australia, Luxembourg, Austria, North Macedonia, Belgium, Malta, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Monaco, Cyprus, Montenegro, Colombia, Netherland, South Corea, Portugal, Ivory Coast, San Marino, Spain, Serbia, Estonia, Singapore, USA, Slovakia, Finland, Slovenia, France, Switherland, Greece, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Turkiye, India, United Kingdom, Irland, Vatican, Italia, Zambia, Japon.

If you live in another country, or wish to pay by other means, please contact the secretary treasurer directly (vincent.merlin at

Notice that during the registration process, Yapla proposes a suggested tip to support their operations ; you may change it, or even cancel it.

Safari users may directly use this link rather than using the page below.


Society for Social Choice and Welfare
Université de Caen Basse Normandie
14032 Caen Cedex, France

(+33) (0)2 31 56 62 44

vincent.merlin at